Achieve Customer and Employee Loyalty

Through Share Ownership 

An affordable, secure, robust, flexible and trustworthy loyalty reward system


Share Management

  • Cap Table Management​

  • Management of Multiple Share Classes

  • Share Certificate Generation

  • Bulk Data Upload and Update

  • Loyalty Customer Grants

  • Loyalty Tiers Management

  • Statistical Reporting

  • Secondary Market for Employees and Shareholders

  • Grant Vesting Acceleration and Deceleration

Grant Management

  • Grant of Options, Restricted Shares, Share Appreciation Rights, Convertibles, …

  • Grant of Loyalty Shares & Options Awards

  • Equity Plan Generation

  • Grant Letter Generation

  • Employee Grant Approval Process

  • Bulk Data Upload and Update

  • Grant Modifications

  • Performance Grants

Financial Reporting & Accounting

  • ASC 718 Financial Reporting

  • IFRS 2 Financial Reporting

  • Financial Reporting for Loyalty Shares & Options

  • Liability and Mark-to-Market Accounting

  • Option & Volatility Valuations

  • Customized Disclosures (Rule 701 Disclosure Suite)

  • Outstanding and Diluted Share Calculation

  • Grant Modification Accounting

  • Performance Grants Accounting


  • Customizable User Roles & Entitlements

  • Loyalty Customer Portals

  • Portals for Administrators, Lawyers, Investors & Auditors

  • Participant Portal

  • Sandbox Environment for Conducting What-If Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Time Management




Robert Lougen Managing Director


Nimfa Ibanez Database Architect


Tom Keane Chief Marketing Officer


Rami Tabbah Product Strategist


Ned Haddad Software Engineer


Ramy Taraboulsi Managing Director and CEO


Loyalty Options

17 Grove Park Crescent, Toronto, Ontario M2J 2C7



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