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Complete Integrated Solutions for Business



One of the most important features of a CRM for small businesses is usability. Having intuitive menus, quick loading times, and simple admin tools helps ensure you and your employees actually use the system. Our CRM system is specifically designed to support the loyalty shares system, and is fully integrated with the other components of our systems. At VeritableSoft we get the basics right.

Project Management

Dedicated project management software help teams juggle their deadlines, resources, and deliverables. VeritableSoft’s project management software assists your team with that including communication and collaboration tools.

Workflow Management

Effective workflow management can dramatically increase efficiency, decrease costs & reduce redundancies. It should also be Cloud based to allow your team to collaborate easily. VeritableSoft can help.Effective workflow management can dramatically increase efficiency, decrease costs & reduce redundancies. It should also be Cloud based to allow your team to collaborate easily. VeritableSoft can help.


VeritableSoft is a simple solution for creating and sending out invoices. It also has a great dashboard which allows you to view which payments are overdue, and to see a snapshot of your invoicing history.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal is a private, secure Website that enables you to share documents, calendars, and pertinent information with your customers. VeritableSoft’s solution enhances customer relationships by providing access to collaborative tools that are cloud based.

Equity Subledger

When you first start setting up your own small business, the accounting aspects might appear daunting. However, it doesn't always have to be as confusing as it appears. You might have several different types of sub-ledgers including tracking Equity that need to be tracked correctly. VeritableSoft can help with that and in addition everything that is posted in the sub-ledger, however, will also be posted in the general ledger.

Time Management

VeritableSoft recognizes that for small businesses, time is money. That’s why it’s important to ensure your team has the right solution to efficiently tracking time.

Customer Support Integration

Created specifically for small business VeritableSoft provides you a solution to manage the customer relationship and support putting the customer at the heart of the process.

HR Management

Let VeritableSoft provide you with a solution to manage all aspects of your Human Resources including your payroll, benefits, time, talent, and compliance in the cloud.

Sales Automation

A sales tracking software for small business owners can help stimulate and sustain growth. VeritableSoft helps you effectively manage every client so you'll have more time to grow your business and cultivate relationships.

Loyalty Shares

"Loyalty Share Awards" is our flagship product that allows companies to provide their customers with loyalty points that are convertible to any asset, including and prominently, company shares. The system is fully configurable to allow for the categorization of customers into their appropriate tiers.
The system allows companies to generate all statistical report associated with this points. In addition, the system provides all the financial reporting required for accounting for these points, including but not limited to the mark-to-market adjustments required by IFRS.
The system is provided either as a self-served platform or a fully outsourced platform. The settlement of the points into company shares is automatically managed via our system in conjunction with our client's broker of preference.


VeritableSoft Innovations Inc. is a Canadian Software Company dedicated to create innovative software for automating the back office operations for service organizations.

Our mission is to provide integrated, user-friendly and low-cost software solutions that fulfil specific operational and administrative needs of small and medium size business services firms in an innovative manner using focused and advanced technological solutions.

VeritableSoft's current focus is to transform the B2B loyalty program space by introducing a reward system that is reliable, secure, robust, flexible, engaging, trustworthy, and that provides both the companies and collectors with an ever increasing value.



Ned Haddad
Software Engineer

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Managing Director
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Database Architect

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Manager, Business Analysis
Tom Keane
Chief Marketing Officer

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Product Strategist

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Ramy Taraboulsi
Managing Director and CEO

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Andrea Valois
Manager, Quality Assurance

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Veritable Soft Innovations


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Tel:  416.258.1376

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