Clients expect more today and surpassing their expectations is almost required to attract and retain them. VeritableSoft’s CRM solutions will integrate your sales, marketing, operations and support processes so they can be easily accessed by the rest of your team. This will assist your team with…

  • Focusing on their Customer needs

  • Accessing and updating Customer information quickly

  • Synergistic sales efforts even at multiple locations

  • Status updates on specific Customer relationships


Sharing information and data between multiple systems is often a frustrating, time consuming experience for many small businesses. We have solved that problem for you. One of the advantages of using VeritableSoft’s solution is that our invoicing system receives data from multiple platforms including – Tax Preparation, Accounting and Bookkeeping software. VeritableSoft makes invoicing easy. You can schedule invoices to be sent automatically to your customers, individually or in batches. Our solution will keep track of all your invoices in one place, so you know exactly which invoices have been paid and which are overdue.

Equity Subledger

When you first start setting up your own small business, the accounting aspects might appear daunting. However, it doesn't always have to be as confusing as it appears. When it comes to small business accounting basics, your owner's equity is the difference between your assets and your liabilities. You want it to be positive, not in the red. In other words, you have more than you owe. VeritableSoft solution assist with accurate accounting in an easy to use format.

Time Tracking

Each employee will be able to enter their time in an easy and straightforward manner. The time entered can be associated with specific projects and/or specific activities. Comprehensive reports will be available to be run at any time, and can be used either with invoicing or for internal reporting. The time entry system can be the basis for running complete Activity Based Costing analysis.

Customer Support Integration

Being a customer-centric company is more important than ever in todays connected world. This requires putting your customers first so that everyone in the company can work together more effectively to deliver exceptional service every time. The benefits of collaborating across all departments to deliver an exceptional customer experience can be profound on growth and culture of your business. VeritableSoft solutions can help facilitate this by…

  • Sales Knowing Customer Preferences and Problems

  • Learning Customer Needs to Improve Marketing

  • Strategic Planning

  • Optimizing Operations Efficiency

  • Timely Information to Assist with Prioritizing Product Development

Project Management

Accurate and timely tracking of projects is critical to the delivery of on time solutions and the overall bottom line. It’s an area many businesses struggle with. VeritableSoft Project Management solutions will assist your project management team with…

  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Expense Mgt.

  • Project Analysis

Workflow Management

It is an essential part of any workplace to manage and maintain a proper workflow in their organization VeritableSoft’s Workflow Management tool the obvious choice for organizations which are looking for on-demand cloud business process management solutions. Our workflow software can make tasks easier in your company including HR process, vacation request approval process, travel expense approval process, purchase requisition workflow process, purchase order process, payment approval process, employee onboarding process, invoice approval workflow process, and more which can be automated easily.

Customer Portal

There are many ways that companies are engaging customers and many ways that customers are demanding to be engaged. A web portal simplifies many of those needs down to a one-stop knowledge base. Our Portal will provide you with a destination to allow your customers to manage transactional documents, centralize their information and receive support and updates. It allows you to engage your and support your customers efficiently and effectively. Also making your employees more productive.

HR Management

Human Resource Management systems play an important role in your overall enterprise in everything from employee satisfaction, benefits administration and legal responsibilities.  Our VeritableSoft HR Management solution will help you manage and track your confidential employee data by automating your HR processes enterprise-wide. We will employ paperless processes to improve efficiencies and provide you with tracking tools to allow managers to analyze important data that impact morale and the bottom line.

Sales Tracking

Accurate sales tracking is critical to any business. The objective is to provide the business with the ability to track both Sales and Vendors to keep operations running efficiently. We will provide you with the capability of tracking…

  • Pricing
  • Client flow

  • Receivables
  • Relationship Management specific to your business

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