Loyalty Management Market to Reach $4 Billion by 2021: Rising Need for Competitive Differentiation Among Organizations - Research and Markets                          

Business Wire January 10, 2017

The loyalty management market is projected to grow from USD 1.68 Billion in 2016 to USD 4.59 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 22.2% during the forecast period, 2016 to 2021. Major drivers for the growth of the market include rising need for competitive differentiation among organizations to increase their market shares, frequent shift in consumer demographics, increasing focus of loyalty programs on customer segmentations, significant rise in use of mobile technologies, and increase in the number of cardholders. 
Business Wire January 10, 2017

What is your Competitive Differentiation?

Are you leading or following everyone else?

Increasing Customer Loyalty

The Problem and the Opportunity for Businesses

  • There are no formal B2B loyalty programs in the market

  • Business to consumer loyalty programs may not be suitable for business to business

  • Sophisticated collectors

  • Point value depreciation

  • No published distinct value for the loyalty points

  • No backing up of points with specific assets

  • Constraints on how to use/exchange/redeem the points

  • No strong security and trust in the loyalty program

VeritableSoft is transforming the B2B loyalty program space by introducing a reward system that is reliable, secure, robust, flexible, engaging, trustworthy, and that provides both the companies and collectors with an ever increasing value.

Our Unique Approach

We are focusing on the B2B space where companies want to strengthen their relationships with their business partners, distributors, vendors, or clients and provide them with loyalty points with ever increasing value by:

  • Using any asset, prominently company shares, to back points thereby converting the customers to company shareholders

  • Fully outsourced or self-served hassle-free share management platform

  • Accounting sub-ledger for the reward based system, including the required mark-to-market accounting required by US-GAAP and IFRS

  • Fully configurable tier-based platform

  • Integrated analytics program and full access to the collector information (or data dumps to the company’s analytics system)

  • Customer portal including the status of their points and functionality for the settlement requests of the points

  • Customized offers for collectors such as discount codes, special deals, …

  • Integrated referral programs for the collectors to increase the customer base

  • The solution works interchangeably for both B2B and B2C

And, you will reap huge benefits with

  • Cost of rewards is small fraction of discounts normally given to customers (5-10 times less expensive)

  • Ultimate loyalty and higher retention by converting customers and partners into shareholders

  • Improved Client Retention & Referrals

  • Client engagement deepened

  • Relatively low cost of management and administration

  • Integrated accounting and financial reporting for the loyalty points

  • Uniqueness and first-mover advantages

We are taking it to the next step with Stock Options for customers to create brand affinity


Companies go to great lengths in many ways to forge deeper relationships with their customers through points, miles, coupons, offers, and loyalty cards. The tangible value of these programs is questionable given the numbers and similarities.

VeritableSoft has created a unique alternative that offers Companies the opportunity to deepen their relationship with their customer with its Loyalty Options program. Through Loyalty Options, Companies can utilize VeritableSoft’s proprietary technology platform to create an affinity program that allows them to offer stock options to customer as an incentive for a variety of goals like referrals, spending thresholds, or continued loyalty.


We believe, there is a tremendous opportunity for Companies to reward their customer’s loyalty with actual ownership turning them into “partners” who have a stake in the success of the Company.  Think of them as Brand ambassadors that can help promote your business.

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