Software Engineer

Ned is responsible for the front-end and back-end software development in the company and for the research associated with new technology.

Prior to working in VeritableSoft, Ned worked as a software developer/engineer in many companies including SyncBASE, Sun Microsystems, Government of Alberta, City of Calgary and Greenshield Canada.

Ned holds a  Bachelor of Engineering from Leicester University, UK, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. He is a poet and a professional musician (drummer), and enjoys traveling around the world.


Database Architect

Nimfa (Ninette) is responsible for the data/database architecture and database development for VeritableSoft. She sets the strategy and standards for automated database development, implementation and optimization.


Nimfa is currently a senior consultant within the Information Management - Technology Practice of a global consulting firm whose clients are major organizations in the financial services domain.


Prior to joining VeritableSoft, Nimfa was one of the initial founder of SyncBASE. She also held various roles and provided technical delivery services to various organizations: MacQuarie Financials, Vale Inco, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Fidelity Investments, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kraft Canada, Monenco Agra, Computer Methods.


Nimfa has bachelor degrees in Applied Statistics and Computer Science.


When not working, Nimfa spends time with her husband and their three kids, twin boys and a daughter. She also loves skiing and salsa dancing.


Chief Marketing Officer

Tom is responsible for all the marketing efforts associated with both defining the strategic marketing direction of the company and the managing product launch. In addition, Tom is supervising the product sales efforts in the company.

Tom is currently the President of Strategic Marketing Counsel Inc.,  a marketing firm that delivers insights research, communications planning and performance measurement services to a variety of businesses.

Tom held many executive positions in many companies in the past, including Partner with KPMG, Director of SyncBASE Inc. Director of Planet in Focus and a member of the Campaign Council for L'arche Daybreak. He also has over 15 years  of experience as a Professor/Instructor in post-secondary education in Ontario, and has  designed and delivered Courses at Ryerson University, Humber College and Seneca College.

Tom is an author with special focus on Science Fiction/Time Travel novels, and he has many years of experience in Karate under his "belt".


Managing Director

Robert is responsible for setting up the strategic direction of the company, and helps in running the day-to-day operations of the company.

Robert is an innovative leader with over 35 years of international experience in financial services, business services, and crowdfunding. Robert spent most of his career at Fortune 500 company H&R Block, most recently as President of H&R Block Canada, where he achieved record growth in clients and net profit. In addition, Robert has been the COO of a crowdfunding company, Asurvest and the V.P. of N. American Operations at Liberty Tax.

In his personal time, Robert is a passionate advocate for homelessness and senior services including serving on the board of directors for the Senior Services of VA. And leading task forces on poverty reduction through the United Way and serving on the Board of Directors’ for the Inn from the Cold, a family homeless shelter.

He also loves spending time with family, travelling and is a tri-athlete.


Manager, Business Analysis

Mary Beth (Beth) is responsible for defining the business requirements for the different Veritable Soft modules, and ensuring that these requirements meet the client needs.

Mary Beth has worked in the tax and financial industry for over 30 years in a variety of different capacities.  She is currently the founder and President of American Expat Tax Services, a boutique international tax firm specializing in US /Canada cross border taxation, and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Expat Tax Tools, a niche software company producing solutions for international tax practitioners  to navigate the complex  IRS regulations, such as the Form 8621 Calculator application which completes IRS Form 8621 for passive foreign investment companies. 


Mary Beth is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and one of only 250 people in the world currently holding  a US Tax Court Practitioner designation which allows her to represent taxpayers in US Tax Court as a non-attorney.

When she isn’t working, Mary Beth enjoys spending time with her husband Bob, children,  grandchildren and Bernese Mountain dogs- Sophie and Zoey.


Product Strategist

Rami is responsible for product management and user experience.

Rami is a user experience specialist with 25 years of experience in helping clients shape superior products, solutions and services, innovate and improving efficiencies by focusing on design thinking and the usually neglected human part of the equation. His client list includes Shoppers Drug Mart, TV Ontario, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Alzheimer Society of Canada, Several Ontario Ministries and CIBC. Prior to consulting, he worked for Fidelity Investments and Nortel Networks. He taught at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and is currently faculty at Sheridan College teaching user research and innovation. Rami holds a master’s degree in human computer interaction.

Rami spends long hours working with users to enhance their user experience, and when he is away from his desk, he enjoys swimming, gardening and hiking.


Managing Director and CEO

Ramy is responsible for all the day-to-day operations of VeritableSoft, in addition to setting up the strategic direction of the company as a board member.

Prior to working in VeritableSoft, Ramy held different executive positions including Chairman and CEO at SyncBASE, CIO at Insurance Bureau of Canada, VP - Internet Strategy and Development at Fidelity Investments, VP - Internet Strategy at Merill Lynch and Chief Systems Architect at Mercer Human Resources Consulting. Ramy has also held various directorship positions, and he is currently a director of Authonimicity Games Inc., AlphaOmega Reno Construction Inc. and ESOP Association Canada.

Ramy is a Professional Engineer who holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science, MBA and he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Ramy has been practicing different forms of martial arts for 35 years, and is currently actively practicing Karate and Tai Chi. He also plays music and enjoys travelling around the world.


Manager, Quality Assurance

Andrea is responsible for ensuring that the deliverables of the VeritableSoft modules are consistent with the requirements that are originally specified.

In addition to her position at VeritableSoft, Andrea is VP of Operations at American Expat Tax Services where she coordinates, manages and maintains company infrastructure and systems in addition to International tax preparation. Prior to her current positions, she was the US Education Coordinator and Support Specialist for H & R Block Canada where she developed, coordinated and delivered US tax education to all of H & R Block’s US tax preparers across Canada under the guidance of the Director of Education and the Manager of the US program, in addition to providing the US professional team comprehensive functional support services.


​When away from her desk, Andrea can almost always be found on the dock fishing and working from her phone.


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